bargain basement girliness

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Living Social local email offersI’ve signed-up to receive offers from Living Social.

At first the offers were on a broad range of topics. The advertising photographs showed a people of different genders and ages demonstrating the product or service use.  Great diversity. I enjoyed looking at the possibilities and even purchased a few mixed gender, mixed ages, activity breaks.

More recently the offers that they send me show bigger discounts, but are on a more restricted range of topics. A lot of offers that are tailored to a stereotypical young female paranoid about how she, and her home, looks – make-up, hair, diets, cooking, manicures, vacuum cleaners etc. The pictures of people using the services are females that are almost exclusively young, curvaceous, with long hair, fully made-up, smooth skinned.

I feel hassled and oppressed by the algorithm they are using to select the offers that they email to me.

I’m progressively uninspired by the offers that they send me.

I’ve stopped using the offers – they’ve lost my custom.

I’ve written to Living Social to ask them to change the algorithm they are using to send me offers – to regain my custom.  I don’t think Living Social will be able to update their algorithm just for me. Maybe I should re-register with a boys name and see if I can regain the diversity and activity oriented offers that I saw before Living Social decided to push the popular female stereotype at me.

bargain basement girliness
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2 bits of lovely banter on “bargain basement girliness”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Women are being sent back in time… I blame 50 Shades of whatever. One of the magazines I buy on a regular basis has a NEW erotic section… I’m fine with this, And read some of it, but I swear I read the exact same stuff 30 years ago in Cosmopolitan. I see a major shift from Bridget Jones to Fifty Shades… and 50 Shades is an update of books like Lace (Shirley Conran) and books of that ilk. We go round in circles and nothing much changes.
    Anyhow, I seem to have strayed a little off topic…




  2. wendy writes:

    Scarlet, I’ve not read 50 shades of grey yet, I suspect it of being thoroughly depressing, as I found Bridget Jones’s diary. Today’s email included ‘self defence’ classes. Presumably so I can be an empowered victim and fight back when the inevitable occurs, but urely I’ll be rescued by a man just in the nick of time….



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