a few things I learned at high school


Some things the teachers intended and other unintended…

  1. Never crosshatch a screw. NEVER. It’s a sin. (1978: Engineering Drawing)
  2. A music teacher will resign within a week of being locked in the supply cupboard, an art teacher is more resilient (1976: Music, Art). Due to a chain of unfortunate incudents involving:
    • Walk-in school supply cupboards’ secured using only a mortise lock
    • Forgetful teachers – not keeping a key on their person when walking into a cupboard
    • Niave teachers – not delegating¬† ‘going into the cupboard’ to a student
    • Group risky shift (students taking risks rather than responsibility)
  3. Some 12 year old English children have never made a cup of tea (1975: Home economics)
  4. Being told to stand on the teachers desk and announce to the class that I am a banana was not actually a punsihment (1976: Home economics)
  5. One Art teacher’s assessment of grade E is another Art teachers grade A and they can’t find a way to agree (Art 1980)
  6. Teachers have sex with each other during school hours on school premisis (1977: English Lit)
  7. Many male teachers were unable to look me in the eye when talking to me or about my my work (e.g Physics 1982, Maths 1982, Chemistry 1980) – rather suspect behaviour
a few things I learned at high school
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2 bits of lovely banter on “a few things I learned at high school”

  1. ExpatEgghead writes:

    You have an interesting way of looking at life. Did you discover how easy it is to ‘slip’ mortise locks at an early age? Really, I want to know why male teachers can’t look you in the eye. Are you a visible orc outside this blog? Number 6 I find amazing. The head master at one school did run off with his secretary in my school years but that’s not the same as ‘on premise’ hanky panky. Was this during English Lit lessons? My mind boggles or would do if I knew what boggle actually meant.

    Are you still announcing you are a banana or has this phase of your life been completed? So many questions and so few answers.



  2. Leah writes:

    This is wonderfully funny and specific, and has set me to thinking of my own inadvertent lessons learned in high school…



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