dont you wish you were clean like me?

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UK style laundry dryingI can improvise a complex modern gadget while simultaneously overcoming a set of push-button controls. Yay! Take a look at my laundry ‘dryer’ and swoon with envy. Oh YES!

How does it work?

A hot water radiator warms the air in the small yet ample bathroom. My recently washed clothes hang, unsuspectingly, on an airer. Meanwhile a scented candle loiters, invading the unsuspecting laundry. It could turn into a Turkish style bathroom.

The real sneaky part in this equation is the little blue dehumidifier. It blows warm air at the laundry while attracting the moisture to condense on a couple of frozen metal plates. Genius. There are 6 different buttons on my dehumidifier – that’s more than a handful – and I’ve pushed them all! The hardest part was balancing between the roll-top bath and sink to take this picture. HA! Scented dry laundry on a rainy day in a house too small to fit a tumble dryer, and NO MILDEW!

I’m a winner!!

dont you wish you were clean like me?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “dont you wish you were clean like me?”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Cunning. I may need to try this myself as I can never resist pushing buttons.



  2. wendy writes:

    Ms S, there’s something very pleasing in the mechanical design of pushbuttons. I certainly recommend them. w



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