rear view mirror

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rear view mirrorThe driver of the car behind me in this traffic jam hadn’t bothered to remove the 4 inches of snow from the roof, bonnet, lights and even most of the windscreen of their car – before driving it.

I had to fight the urge to get out of my car and clean their windscreen for them.  I pity the car behind them – when chunks of snow come flying off the roof, heading like iced snowballs at their windscreen.

It’s all fun and games on the British roads after a freak snow fall.

rear view mirror
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  1. Will Watts writes:

    I am comforted to discover that I am not alone in having this urge. Actually, my urges are much less generous. I would like to sweep all the snow off their windscreen and, when the driver winds down the window to remonstrate, dump the acquired snow onto his or her lap.

    I suspect – without any particular evidence – these are the same people who reverse 200 yards the wrong way up one way streets because, you know, the car is pointing the right way so it doesn’t count.



    wendy writes

    Will, I’m glad I’m not alone in this too, luckily I’ve not met anyone reversing along a one way street. Maybe a stationary car rear-end them and give them whiplash for their naughtiness.



  2. savannah writes:

    i used to live in columbus, ohio where you could count on having snow during the winter. i never understood why drivers thought it was ok to leave snow on their car and drive around like some sort of moving snowman. not an issue down here in the dirty south, thankfully! xoxoxox

    (i have read the “how to play nicely rules” and apologize for breaking #7.)



  3. wendy writes:

    savannah, you’re naughty and completely charming, I hope to visit the south this year.. W xx



  4. Kevin writes:

    In weather conditions like this the primary hazard isn’t the elements, it’s the complete numpties who think that because they passed a test once they can do whatever they like with impunity.



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