plates are so passé

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Can't afford proper dishesI’ve noticed a trend in the restaurants, cafés and pubs who occasionally serve a meal to me. No plates. Popular alternatives are:

  • plank of wood
  • slate tile
  • basket
  • small bucket or mug (of chips or vegetables)

I’m hoping that it’s just a passing phase. I find it quite difficult to eat off a slate tile without simultaneously decorating the table.

plates are so passé
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3 bits of lovely banter on “plates are so passé”

  1. Will Watts writes:

    Agreed. If they give you no plate, put yourself on red alert for pieces of hair. This is what the great Veg taught us.



  2. Stefan writes:

    Indeed, agreed. I also find that it is usually a sign of what I call “over-engineered” food, which I tend not to enjoy (and which is usually way to expensive). I once ordered a dessert, and it came on one of those slate tiles, and consisted of three sculptures of different kinds of chocoloate and cake and whatnot. Looked extremely pretty, very artistic, worthy of a photo on the frontpage of the newspaper, but the taste … mwoh. I’ve had better, to put it mildly. And then I’m not even discussing the price (didn’t think slate was that expensive…)



  3. wendy writes:

    with this meal the sound of the flatware on the stone was icky. I love the chink of silver on china..



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