what’s hot and what’s not


fridge = Not Hot. Not Cold. Silent.

boiler = Not Hot.

wendy = Hot.

This morning I used Victorian methods to wash before dressing. I’m a rufty-tufty kind of a girl in a winter heating crisis.  I can leave the milk outside the fridge in the kitchen, confident that it will stay cold in this north facing, unheated room.

Apparently, the ancient combination boiler couldn’t go on without its friend the fridge. Suicide pact.

Not looking forward to the boiler purchase process…

what’s hot and what’s not
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2 bits of lovely banter on “what’s hot and what’s not”

  1. Stefan writes:

    Now that surprises me: If my boiler would be Not Hot, I would also be Not Hot (and wearing all the fleece I could find, so rather immobile I’m afraid).

    Wendy, you’re a girl of many unexpected surprises 😉



  2. wendy writes:

    A Fun Friday night infront of the fire sourcing boiler-repair people. Love the Yell review services for the smaller businesses, because I suspect British Gas of all sorts of virtual monopoly abuse and that there are some awesome small businesses nearby that I know nothing about….

    [Update: my home insurer provides me with their approved boiler specialist who treats it as an emergency service]



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