steaming a way

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the heating engineers are in the building checking the heating system

Stoltz House Pink RoomThe ground floor is literally steaming. The travel agency, “Goin’ my way?”,on flr 1, keep their windows WIDE open. Neil, the building manager, is concerned about the security risk of having all the ground-floor windows open all day, especially if people forget to close them before leaving. Odd Jenny says it’s not in her job description to check and close windows as well as clean them.

The Goin’ my way? staff already wear sleeveless tops to stay cool and, perhaps more significantly, to show off their liberally applied L’Oreal Sublime Bronze arms. Jilly, one of the Goin’ my way? company directors, picked up 20 boxes of L’Oreal Sublime Bronze in the Tanner’s Arms (local pub) at less than 10% of the published retail price. Jilly prides herself in knowing a good deal when it’s slipped to her under the table.

Flashing some orange skin is now part of the Goin’ my way? way Another company way is using the logo as a greeting, the hitch-hiker style ‘thumbs up’ wiggle. At reception, Laurel and Hannah enjoy sharing thumb-wiggles with the Goin’ my way? staff as they arrive in the morning. It’s amazing how many variations on the hitch-hikers thumb-wiggle you can actually come up with:

  • Young Jonny has added a distinctive butt-wiggle, He’s a tease!
  • Jello Jonny uses both hands in an asynchronous rhythmic movement that ripples through his whole body.
  • Denise sucks her thumb before wiggling the shiny digit.
  • The plaster-cast on Carol’s wrist makes it difficult for her to wiggle, for now she’s waving her way in….
steaming a way
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2 bits of lovely banter on “steaming a way”

  1. scarlet writes:

    This post is disturbing on so many levels… but it is Denise’s shiny digit that will haunt me for the rest of the day.



    wendy writes

    those disturbing levels could ferment and return… …the heating engineers are onsite….and tempers are raising…



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