thumbscrews or guillotine?

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MumThe constant nausea and depression as side effects of drugs to keep you alive, or high risk of death by a stroke at anytime?

Dilemmas faced by the elderly are far beyond difficult

I phone Mumsie regularly, try to visit at weekends if I find that she will welcome a visit. She’s beginning to prefer to be alone, finding reasons to send dad out of the house.

You can hear so much more than what is said in a mother’s voice.  In the last 2 months mum’s has changed dramatically from fluid bubbly chatter through a slow jerky rap to a slower monotonous drone.

The doctor took her off the drug that was depressing her and replaced it with Aspirin.

I want her to be happy, this gift is sometimes easy with little things like a family afternoon sleep-over.


thumbscrews or guillotine?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “thumbscrews or guillotine?”

  1. Zed writes:

    I am so sorry, you sometimes mourn your loved ones long before they die.



    wendy writes

    Thanks Zed, I aniticipate more maudlin thoughts shared here, and hopefully more joyous ones too 🙂



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