we’ll email you when the power comes back on

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FW: Important – Power Supply Failure

Businesses with power support people withoutHannah is determined to make sure everyone in the building can empathise with the deep-frozen floor 6 sole traders.  There is gossip that the recent influx of blow-heaters to floor 6 actually resulted in the power loss.


please be careful when working around any temporary surface cabling and blow heaters
Doreen was taken to hospital this morning with a suspected broken wrist, she tripped-over a blow-heater cable.


In order to carry out immediate repairs to our mains
electricity board we will need to cut off the power supply to the entire building.”
Without power, the blow heaters wont work. No-one can work, even the computer fans stop whirring. There’s talk of starting a bonfire in reception.


we’ll email you when the power comes back on
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3 bits of lovely banter on “we’ll email you when the power comes back on”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! If you could get a similar system installed in the city, and let the bankers freeze to death, you might get a lot of financial support from the rest of us. Indigo



  2. ExpatEgghead writes:

    Indigo… what a lovely vision. Bankers slowly freezing while their fingers become glued to the keyboard, the cellphone flickers, stutters and dies, the coffee cools then grows a layer of ice then solidifies. Activity slows while hoarfrost grows on the office walls expanding to cover the doors and windows. Brain activity ceases ,blood stops flowing and the whole building becomes one gigantic deep freeze. The expanding ‘cold’ starts to cover all of the City and bankers are struck down in their stride.

    Everyone else takes no notice whatsoever except to mutter ‘what a shame’ and pass by, enjoying the glorious spring sunshine in their Marks and Sparks spring collection with matching socks.

    Thank you for the vision that made my day complete.



  3. wendy writes:

    Wonderful imagery, keep it coming!



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