The fall. Albert Camus

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Inspired by “The Outsider” I moved onto another Camus book “The fall” knowing that the band “The fall” were named after this book, but not having read any book reviews.

Recommended for people who like deconstructing writers techniques and thinking and philosophy, whether that’s pub or academic philosophy.

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Two things kept me gripped through-out the book:

  1. It is written as a series of one-sided conversations, where the reader is the other half of the conversation. Listening to the protagonist, rarely questioned by the protagonist. A simple idea, incredibly difficult to write. I’ve never read a book written using this technique.
  2. What is ‘The fall’? Early on the protagonist talks of his fall from being a prestigious and effective Paris lawyer to hanging around in fog-ridden Amsterdam, drinking with strangers in bars. This tracks the distance fallen, but not the actual fall. The book describes the fall, the ideas and insights bring the protagonist to Amsterdam bars.

I’m planning to read the book again because I suspect that I’ve missed many of the subtleties that it contains.  At the moment, I preferred “The Outsider“. I suspect “The fall” might turn out to be an acquired taste.  I’ll re-read it with the aid of some matured whiskey….

The fall. Albert Camus
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2 bits of lovely banter on “The fall. Albert Camus”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I didn’t like how Meursault was mean to his dog. This is what I remember most about The Outsider. I wanted to give the filthy cur a bath. I should reread it really… I originally read it in the 6th form… and some of the people in my class wanted to be the outsider… teenage angst etc.
    I have offered you an award on my blog 🙂



  2. Matthew writes:

    I jumped onto this after The Outsider too – it’s quite a change of pace, isn’t it? It does show, I think, how much a person’s philosophy can change over the years. I really like both books, and I think both have their value. The Outsider is definitely easier to get into, though.

    Incidentally, I might be mistaken, but I don’t think Meursault is mean to his dog, I think it’s his neighbour. Just to stick up for the guy 😉

    My latest post: Review: The Fall by Albert Camus



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