short burst of heat

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As you know we have been experiencing some ‘changeable’ weather conditions, and we are reacting to these demands, on a daily basis by turning the heating systems on and off.  In addition, we have taken the opportunity to carry out some essential maintenance work in readiness for next winter’s challenges, hence, we do need to turn the heating on and leave it on for short burst of time. 

We have now turned the heating off as from today, further maintenance work is planned for next weekend, if you should need any more heating locally in your area of work please do come and talk to any member of the team.

Ben, the building maintenance team works to a strict schedule. On May 1st the central heating is switched off until November 1st.

The sole traders on floor 6 are surprised by Laurel’s admission that the heating has been on in May. They haven’t felt the benefit. Their heating still isn’t working. Everyone has at least one ‘local area heating’ appliance, including heated blankets. Even Caroline who’s worked there for 6 years doesn’t remember the heating ever having worked. Could this essential maintenance end 6 years of frozen, penthouse, wilderness?

The 1st floor are still steaming and dreading yet another summer with the heating going full blast. On the 1st floor, no-one can remember the heating ever having been turned off across the summer. Their open windows create a pleasantly cooling breeze. But the breeze is laced with smoke from the smokers basking in the brief rays of sunshine outside the west wing on Abattoirs road

Could we please remind you that smoking is not permitted outside of the west wing door of the building.  Smoke is drifting into the building through open windows. 


short burst of heat
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  1. Scarlet writes:

    The first floor might be grateful for the heating this summer… at least they will be able to go sleeveless.



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