What are wendy house visitors doing?

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Google analytics’ visual for showing wendy house visitor journey’s in the month of May 2013…multiple clicks:

Visitor Flow
This is what I’ve learned from May’s visitor route information:

  1. UK and US based people are my largest groups of visitors.
  2. UK visitors’ arrive on either the homepage, a post about Sylvac Bunny’s (n=111), or other specific pages.
  3. US visitors’ arrive on a blog post tag (n=194), or specific pages. They don’t arrive on the homepage.
  4. Other countries appear to arrive on the homepage or other specific pages. They’re not like the US visitors.

Most people leave after viewing the page that they’ve landed on (1.1K). I’m interpreting this as visitors quickly working-out that there is nothing, other than the landing page, that will interest them on the wendy house. A good result.

The few visitors that hang around (0.1%, n=161) click on a tag, the current month, the homepage, or “about the wendy house”.

Of the visitors that make:

  • one click on the blog, a 2nd click is made by (n=74) 45%.  The 2nd click is mainly on the homepage (n=29) or a blog tag (n=12)
  • two clicks on the blog, a 3rd click is made by (n=40) 45%! The 3rd click is mainly on he homepage (n=12) or a blog tag (n=8)

From other stats I know that:

  • The 4 most popular tags are: Passport, Toilet, Bristol, and Reading town
  • Search Engines are the main source of new visitors.
  • The proportion of new visitors to returning visitors has remained fairly static across the blog lifetime at 6:4.
  • The number of visitors per day typically varies between 40 and 80, averaging at about 60.
What are wendy house visitors doing?
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