stop it!

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Can you guess what this design is meant to do:
Don't drin the wine in the store

Plastic locks on the top of wine bottles displayed in a local store.

Is it to stop terrorists putting poison in the wine?  Or to stop locals drinking the wine straight from the bottle (for free) when no-one’s looking. Neither option is a promotional point for living locally. Oh dear. Defensive design gives out such a poor message about human behaviour…something, somewhere’s gone wrong…

stop it!
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one wonderful muse on “stop it!”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    Anti-theft tags to stop shoplifters pocketing bottles of wine, I think – with the shape of a wine bottle, there are few options for attaching such a tag, so crimping it round the neck seems common. Presumably it does also stop people “sampling” bottles and escaping with the contents, leaving the empty behind, or tampering, but I imagine those are secondary at most.



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