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Heat wave on the southbankThe air conditioning on floor 6 is not working as expected, please don’t switch it on because the condensation is dripping on the light switches which is dangerous. We’ve set aside some hot desks on floor 4 for people to use if they are feeling to hot. Ben is going to check the air conditioners before the end of the week

It’s 34C (93F) in the shade. A rare heat  wave that could last all week. Caroline’s fingers have swollen so much she can barely type. She wont be able to get her feet back into her sling-backs without first soaking her feet in cold water.

The town square water fountain is looking more attractive than a corner desk on floor 4. Local students are working-on a creative arts project to re-discover the ‘rain dance’.

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one wonderful muse on “steamy”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Scandalous! Temperatures like this shouldn’t be allowed. Can I sleep in the fountain? Thanks! Indigo x



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