put it in the slot on the door

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hotelNone Native English Speaking Receptionist: (something unintelligible)

Wendy: (frowns while trying to find intelligible words, then) I’m sorry, could you say that more slowly please?

The NNESR speaks slowly and I realise that she’s explaining how to use the hotel room plastic key card. It’s the same as every other hotel plastic key card that I’ve used before, literally hundreds of times. She’s being helpful, but I wonder what it was about me that made her think I needed an explanation. She’s giving me the impression that she thinks I’m stupid. Not a good way to make a customer feel.

PS First blog post from my ‘Surface’. Not as easy as earlier versions of Windows PC’s because of the picture handling processes, but I may yet find easier ways. Posts dedicated to the Surface experience due soon….

put it in the slot on the door
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2 bits of lovely banter on “put it in the slot on the door”

  1. Ms Quotes writes:

    Key cards sometimes fail on me… as do credit cards… why is it that however many times I use them I always seems to put them in upside down on my first try?



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Good grief, is the room as pink-but-gloomy as the corridor? It’s like being in Barbie’s bordello nightmare! Indigo x



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