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Bag contentsBags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I often find myself wondering –¬†what’s in that bag? Normally I try to carry stuff in my pockets to minimalist the risk of my loosing things (a bag) by accidentally leaving it somewhere. When I do take a personal bag this is normally what it contains. A bit too much….

  • Silver card case
  • Pack of 3 different nabbed precision pens
  • IPhone
  • Nokia Lumina
  • Pen
  • Emergency tactics
  • Unlined sketch/note book
  • Wallet
  • 2 charger cables – for the phones
  • Camera (that makes 3 cameras in total including the phones)

The extra camera will get ditched. Getting photographs from the phones to this blog is a rather tedious experience at the moment. I doubt companies will improve that for me. I can’t find a way to embed my SkyDrive pictures here yet, so I’m sticking with Flickr for the moment.

The WordPress blogging interface does not work easily from the Surface. I’ll be investing a bit more time into learning the Surface controls. I suspect there may be some hidden controls…..

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one wonderful muse on “bagged”

  1. Ms Quotes writes:

    I wish that my handbag contained emergency tactics, then I would need little else.



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