Surface Super FAIL

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The default (Microsoft) App for

  • mail crashes everytime I paste a link into an email, which is for most emails
  • calendar crashes every time I paste a link into a calendar invitation

Surface shipped too soon. I’m not a Beta tester, I paid full price for this half-baked product. Those are bugs that should have been found during the internal use, before even going to Beta testing or Preview. I’m Furious and want to return the machine and get my money back. Meanwhile, @surface behaves as if my anger is an opportunity to uncover the bug reproduction steps, to waste my time on something they should already know because its such a consistent behaviour. How to make a furious Wendy fume even more!


Surface Super FAIL
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Surface Super FAIL”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    A pox on them and their half-baked baked potato.

    Like you say. It’s a product. It’s supposed to work. Technology should be invisible, a tool to achieve things. Not a chance to chat to customer support. Achtung!



  2. Ms Quotes writes:

    Remember the days of photograph albums and diaries stuffed with information…? Yes, I know, they had their limitations too… but they didn’t drive me insane the same way as technology does.



    Stefan writes

    And for me at least it is still quicker to take out a paper notebook or agenda to quickly jot down an appointment than grabbing my, errr, smartphone (for want of a better word) and adding an appointment to my digital calendar. Which then does not get ‘synchronized’, or get’s synchronized incorrectly, so I forget …



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