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court cupboardA side-effect of the new job is extra funding to solve all those household inefficiencies that niggle without breaking the home experience.

Recently, while downtown purchasing a cushion or 2, curiosity pulled me into the British Heart Foundation Charity furniture shop. I found a court cupboard and a welsh dresser fronted with beautifully carved linen scroll. Bargain price. The British Heart Foundation even took my old ‘modern’ furniture away for free. A modern minimalist somewhere will be thrilled to find my old furniture!

Meanwhile, the Wendy House is looking darker and more Jacobean than James, in Jamestown, drinking Jameson whisky. We’re not on fashion, we are coordinated in our out-of-fashionness. Yummy.

welsh dresser2 days of shuffling the contents of my old, and new, cupboards. A couple of sacks of stuff for re-use emerged and we’re ready for everyday living again.

Now I’m looking for a carpenter and a heating engineer. If they talk technical in a friendly tone of voice,  and get excited about the unique opportunities I’ll be dangling in front of them. They’ll be in.

Prepare yourselves for some almost interesting home improvement posts before the winter sets in…

download, install, commission and personalise
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2 bits of lovely banter on “download, install, commission and personalise”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Both are gorgeous, but that cupboard is amazing! Indigo x



  2. p-g writes:

    “Linen scroll”? – that’s a trifle archaic, Wendy. Had me reaching for the dictionary!



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