oh my

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Parents home DiningroomThe ‘ownership’ implied by the word ‘my’ has always fascinated me. People interpret what is meant by ‘my’ in very different ways depending on what is being referred to and other parameters.

Dutch colleague: Where do you live in England?

Wendy: Reading town

Dutch colleague: and your family?

Wendy: No, they live in Bristol (notices the look of shock, or horror, on the Dutch native’s face). My family are mainly my parents

Statistically speaking a girl of my age is likely to have been married at least once and given birth at least once. ‘My family’ has changed in the mind of my peers from primarily being parents and siblings to primarily being partner and children. I’ve been a bit slow to catch-up on this shift because for me my family has remain relatively (pause to appreciate double meaning) static as everyone’s parents and siblings, plus the nieces…..

Statistics are often a poor way to make assumptions about individual cases…..anticipating variance and diversity is rewarding….

oh my
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  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy. I was similar. Two parents, one brother, and they live down the road (in American terms, at least). The rest are all overseas. But the addition of two kids and two dogs in the family as a whole has given us a new lease of life! Indigo x



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