inaccuracy (step 5) and ambiguity (step 6)

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instructionsEverything was moving along smoothly until step 5, which could only be completed by attaching the door. According to the instructions door attachment shouldn’t happen until after the frame is put together. I took a deep breath and attached the door in order to comply with all of step 5. Fearing I’d have to undo this rash, premature action at a later point.

Step 6 seemed straightforward, until I got to step 10 when I realised that piece-10 was attached to the legs – upside down. A subtle difference that is barely perceptible –  the isometric diagram subtly disguises the off-set positioning. When I got to step 10 I had to ‘undo’ step 6 and then redo it with piece-10 the right way round.

Together these little bloopers cost me about 15 minutes of trying to work out what was wrong and what I needed to do to deal with it. Both problems easily fixed in the instructions, difficulties that NEXT has passed onto it’s customers. The instructions feel like they are an afterthought and sloppily implemented.

inaccuracy (step 5) and ambiguity (step 6)
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