And now for something completely different

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10 Jan 1932 – 18 Nov 2013


Dad passed-on quickly on the morning of my first day back at work after 4wks leave. We’d had a good weekend before where I’d shared photographs and stories of my fabulous vacation.  He’d talked proudly of how he’d worked out why his email was working sporadically and how he’d sorted some deals on internet service to make sure it worked. A good weekend.

Mumsie wants to have the Monty Python theme tune accompany the coffin moving into the incinerator. I love mum for her surrealist humour, which dad shared.  The funeral’s going to be a full House production, wonderfully bizarre, I love my family.

And now for something completely different
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5 bits of lovely banter on “And now for something completely different”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Wonderful photograph, Wendy. I love the surreality of Wendyhouse, too.
    Thinking of you.



  2. p-g writes:




  3. bux writes:

    Hello Wendy, so sorry to hear about your Dad. As you can see, I’m still here, still reading your blog from the sidelines of the net and I was really sad to see this post today.

    I’m glad you got to have that last weekend with him sharing your adventures.

    Much love and a big hug from me.

    B x



  4. wendy writes:

    Thanks guys
    The funeral prep process is very cathartic – listening to lots of music, thinking about poems, readings, collecting good photographs from old albums. Mum climbing around the attic! The funeral director has a sense of humour, and picked up on ours which was fun too.



  5. Sarah writes:

    What a blessing that you had that time with him – sharing your trip and some good technical support talk. I’m thinking of you often.



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