mental autocorrect tantrum

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Bristol back lanewendy: my parents live down a small country lane...

As soon as the phrase ‘parents live’ left my mouth a mental autocorrect screached ‘WRONG! should be – mum lives – mum, mum, just MUM, you don’t have parents now’. I just continued without adjusting my mistake, hoping that I was the only one who noticed this inaccuracy. Mental autocorrect is overreacting slightly.  It should be a bit kinder in it’s correction message, I’m not deaf or stupid, just prone to a comfortable, life-long used reference habit.

I’ve noticed mum using the current tense, talking about ‘we‘ in contexts where ‘I’ would now be more accurate. I hope her mental autocorrect is kinder than mine.

mental autocorrect tantrum
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3 bits of lovely banter on “mental autocorrect tantrum”

  1. Susan writes:

    Hi Wendy,
    Again, my condolences. Thanks for sharing your feelings publicly. I’ll be following along with interest, especially because I think I’ll be in a similar emotional space soon. Much love to you.



  2. wendy writes:

    It’s not as bad as I had feared beforehand. Before, I was scared of the unknown.



  3. Scarlet writes:

    My sister always calls Mum and Dad – The Parents. She will simply edit to – The Parent.
    I’m with Susan… knowing that I will be in a similar emotional space soon… we need a support club.



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