building myths

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Boiler on fullPseudo Shakespearian, myth-making, coincidences emerge. For example, my boiler broke in

  • February 2013, the morning my mother had her first stroke. insurance fixed it by replacing the fan, mother recovered.
  • November 2013, the morning my father died. Insurance fixed it by replacing a valve.

Just in case the myth created by coincidence has any basis in reality I thought I’d head-off the proximity of the next boiler breakdown by paying for a thorough overhaul and upgrading a few elderly components. I didn’t replace the boiler because all the Heating Engineers I’ve seen have said that it is an excellent, well designed boiler that should last for decades yet. Evidently “they don’t make them like that anymore“. Like my parents.

building myths
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2 bits of lovely banter on “building myths”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    My money plant keeled over just before the bungalow fiasco last year, but then recovered. I understand how these myths are created. Likewise, my money plant is now being well tended.



  2. wendy writes:

    I’ve heard rumours about the power of money plants, I’ve never dared buy one lest I become it’s slave. Maybe I should spread my portfolio of risk this year…



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