3 days for parental death. You cannot be serious?!

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When I told my line manager that dad had died he offered condolences and said “take all the time you need to grieve and stay in touch“. An awesome reaction, just what I needed. Later I went to visit personelle, official leave for bereavement is 3 days.

  • 1. Day of death. When I heard the news I was unable to work. Had to leave.
  • 2. Day of funeral – For a close relative (Dad) I can’t imagine not attending the funeral. Luckily, I love less than 2hrs drive from my parents so there wasn’t a major flight involved to and from the funeral. That could easily add a day either side of the funeral to the ‘needed’ leave.
  • 3. Day after funeral – so with the wake alcohols is consumed, stories are told, relatives are staying over. It’s highly probably that the mourner os going to be able to turn up at work on the day after the funeral. This day needs to be taken off.

3 days compassionate leave  is woefully inadequate for parental death.  Luckily my dad had a will and solicitors in place and was financially organised, my mum is competent, organised, pragmatic and impressive. If any one of these things were not the case. My personelle specialist implied that I could take more leave unofficially and no one would cause a fuss, she said I should consider taking sick leave if necessary.

I’ve taken 2 days, and an hour here and there, of sick leave. It’s necessary to be healthy. The unofficial attitude of staff and colleagues enables me to contribute while being tired (grieving disrupts sleep) and a bit grumpy.

3 days for parental death. You cannot be serious?!
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2 bits of lovely banter on “3 days for parental death. You cannot be serious?!”

  1. Zed writes:

    Bereavement can mean so many things, for some people it’s just a day for a funeral. A much-loved parent, leaving behind an equally loved parent, it’s quite another matter. It sounds as if your manager and personnel specialist are well aware of that, thank goodness. I hope you feel able to take the time you need.



  2. wendy writes:

    I'm very lucky, my employer has a talent for employing people who have a nature for caring and making things work, I love my new job because of the people, they are very special.



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