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Dropping curb and adding house number and name sign

Dropping curb, adding house number and name sign

This year I discovered that cars could legally park in-front of my driveway entrance. I discovered when a person on vacation in the USA left her car across my drive blocking my car in.

I took the bus to work, £25 per week bus fare seemed very expensive, a lot more than the £10 diesel costs. Not knowing when, and if, I’d be able to use my car was very disheartening.

It was also disheartening that a person would choose to block my car in, it seems such a mean spirited thing to do. When I’d knocked on my neighbours doors to see if they knew the car owner, could contact her and ask her to move, they were all wonderfully outraged on my behalf. Some had seen her before, none knew how to contact her. One neighbour offered to park her car so close to the offending car that it would be unable to get out without knocking on neighbours doors. We decided against this potential emotional escalation path, and giggled.

The council wouldn’t put their white lines “Access Protection Lines” (APL) outside my drive until I’d dropped the curb. This is when I discovered that every time I drove in and out of my drive I was breaking the law by driving over the public pathway. Oops. Myself and rather a lot of my neighbours were all breaking the law.

To avoid breaking the law I needed to arrange to drop the curb. To be able to ask the police to remove people parked in front of my drive I needed APL. I gave the council a cheque and some sweet-talk – you know so much, you’re so good at your job, I’m just so ignorant of all these things etc.  The road workers were at my place before the cheque had even cleared, 2 days later, at the weekend! Sweet!

  • 4 road workers including  “Mr. Reading” a local looker. He did compare favourably with Brad Pitt.
  • A compact digger
  •  A truck
  •  Pick axes, spades and all sorts….

It took them a day to rip-up the pavement, half a day to lay the concrete foundation and half a day to lay the surface tarmac. Less than an hour to paint the APL

Hooray! Confident, legal and easy access to my driveway has been established. Peace of mind

Then, I added a house sign to the mix. The name and number of my home with an arrow to help people see which way to go to find the Wendy House. My neighbour used his cable-less drill to fix it. As he fixed the sign he told me stuff I didn’t know:

  • People deliver mail for my house to their house and they then bring it round to my home and post it through my door.
  • People knock on their (3B) door to ask where 3A is because it’s clearly not between 3 and 3B.

He’d been suffering without telling me, so English, he was thrilled that I’d decided to put this sign up.

Front of house access sorted.

white lines
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3 bits of lovely banter on “white lines”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Why on earth did they not do it when they established your address? But yeah, folk are ignorant. I’m glad it’s sorted for you =) Indigo x



  2. wendy writes:

    Planning permission for 3b (built between 3 and 3A) required that the builder drop the curb and put in white lines. The original access to 3A was through what is now 3B’s front room. The builder failed to follow the planning permission on many counts, the curb being just one. I had the choice of chasing the builder (hah, the owner of 3b failed to get the builder to keep purchase promises), or chasing the council to chase the builder… Both expensive and potentially time consuming routes. Quicker to get a result, and saving effort and anxiety to just pay to get it fixed myself. Possibly even cheaper in the long run(court costs). The council know the builder violated the planning permission and I’ve registered a formal complaint against the builder – so hopefully it won’t be as easy for them to do it to future innocent customers.



  3. ExpatEgghead writes:

    Seasons greetings and I hope this sort of thing never happens to you again.

    ” every time I drove in and out of my drive I was breaking the law by driving over the public pathway. ” – Gosh



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