French doors

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installing internal French doors

Installing internal French doors between the Wendy House Orangerie and front room

French doors? According to internet gossip, the French have a reputation for not being very good at keeping out invaders and these doors have big windows so invaders can see what to steal and they are easy for burglars to open, not very secure.

The cool air from the Orangerie, in the winter, is drawn around the heavy drapes by the warm air from the wood burner rising up the stairs to the hayloft in the North wing (bedrooms). A draught. On cold winter days the drapes stay closed to trap the warmth in the main living space where I lurk like  vampire afraid of daylight. This won’t do if Mum’s going to be visiting this winter. Costing on ugly UPVC doors were all rather expensive, especially given how ugly they are. I found a carpenter and briefed him with

‘simple, plain design consistent with Victorian period. Wrought iron hinges and door furniture, bevelled edge glass, that’s the one fancy thing I want’

His sketch captured the ethos well. True to French insecurity, no locks on these internal doors. It took a week for the carpenter to make the doors and 2 days full of sawdust to install them. It took me a day to put two coats of varnish on them and a day to buy new Voiles and hang them without the use of the irritatingly ineffective superglue and rod solution that the last owners of the Orangerie had installed.

The droughts have been subdued with a beautiful work of art. Daylight has found the front room in winter. Mum can visit.


French doors
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3 bits of lovely banter on “French doors”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    The sun has been out all morning and it feels like I’ve had the central heating on full blast, but I haven’t… when the sun goes in the temperature will drop like a stone, and I will think enviously of your doors.



    wendy writes

    If you feel like you’ve got the heating on full blast in the winter – it will feel like a sauna in the summer… I used to keep the curtains closed in the summer to keep the room cool. I suspect I’ll leave the doors open and half pull the curtains in the summer. The Voiles are essential for stopping the Orangerie overheating by providing shade, not for decoration…



  2. Scarlet writes:

    At the minute I’m dreaming of the summer sauna! The wash out Winter can bugger off.



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