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Day 6: October 26th

Ghost town near Texas border

One of several ghost towns on route 66. This one on the Oklahoma, Texas, State border. So many questions are raised, who lived here? How did they live? Why did they leave? Why did no one else move onto their property? Were all the derelict homes left at once or was it a gradual desertion? The ghost towns are peaceful yet sad places. I would take a break from driving to walk around and feel the place that had once housed families, heard laughter and crying.

ghost town, Texas

4 bits of lovely banter on “deserted”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Victims of the zombie apocalypse?



  2. wendy writes:

    Definitely not victims of flooding. My dropped curb has a puddle, doesn’t yet qualify for a flooding sign or warning



  3. Eric Hamilton writes:


    I haven’t seen you blog for quite some time now. When my father died I got two weeks, unfortunately they are now out of business.

    From looking at at you trip on Route 66, I’d recommend checking out “”. It was an unexpected find, NON-porno.



    wendy writes

    Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear that a company that treated you well has gone out of business. I have lots of photo’s and stories from Route 66 and will eventually get around to blogging them and looking at the intriguingly named Inspiration and time are a little lacking at the moment. I intend to keep blogging, just a little less frequently for a while. W x



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