a House trip to the Ukraine

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Mum and dad had booked a holiday cruise through the Ukraine this summer. Unfortunately dad can’t go (dead). Mum liked the idea of my taking Dad’s place.

The internet is full of news about the rioting in Kiev. Police throwing Molotov cocktails at people protesting their lack of a right to protest.  Two too-cute-to-harass elderly ladies should sneak past easily when chaperoned by professional tour guides. Mum says “we might not get to go into some buildings dear, if they’re rioting nearby“.

Kiev and the Crimean Peninsula (Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol)…. wonderful and rather more exciting than my normal vacations!

a House trip to the Ukraine
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  1. Simon writes:

    I went there for XMas 1994 and had a wonderful time. We were staying with local friends, which helped, but even without them and speaking not a bit of the language it was great. We went to a market; I was trying to buy presents for our friends and others and sliopped away to a stall and got what I wanted. They worked out I was English, said that they’d never had an English customer before and opened a bottle of pretty good Russian Champagne! It was like that pretty much all the time.

    We were is the West of the counter, around Lviv/Lvov. The West of the country has a mostly Ukrainian-descended population, and the East mostly comes from resettled Russians. The Easterners don’t like the Russians because of the 30’s famines, hence the big fight going on about whether to ‘partner’ with Russia or the EU (Devil and Deep blue sea….). I would expect most ‘ethnic’ Ukrainians to be happy to see you so the demonstrators shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s probably not good to get caught up in one – especially if you can’t run away fairly fast.

    The FO via https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/ukraine don’t seem too concerned, but who knows.

    We did go to Kyiv/Kiev and it looked wonderful, but we insisted on leaving when we found out that while we were staying in a fairly nice nice hotel room (they were paying for us) their rooms had no carpets nor curtains and broken windows.

    And they used home-made vodka as anti-freeze in their cars too, but that’s another story….



    Simon writes

    Sorry – WESTerers don’t like the Russians.



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