let hope move on

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Freeway ExitThat moment, when you realise “I don’t love you any more

  • When you order a meal and he tells you, again, to be careful about your weight.
  • Walk in the rain towards a warm friendly bar and he says he wants to go home
  • The phone call to say he’s working late

A moment of a relief because of the freedom it implies. A deep seated pain because love is too wonderful a treasure to lose lightly. The desire to hold on, to try to rediscover that love is so strong that the temptation to disbelieve the moment is too often overwhelming. To hold on after love has died in the hope it will reappear in the magical way it first arrived. It can’t be gone for good, surely this is just doubt, just a moment of hurt. Surely love is still there, just hidden beneath the mundanities of everyday life, it’s head will rise again with all the joys that implies. But it doesn’t happen.

Don’t wait too long. Let go. Change direction.


let hope move on
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2 bits of lovely banter on “let hope move on”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I think Valentine’s Day has been washed away and the whole country needs some TLC.



  2. Your old virtual pal...still here writes:

    I’m an eternal optimist….but you are right, it doesn’t appear to come back. I guess there’s a good reason for that – in some cases.

    Any man who tells me I should watch my weight better watch his fat mouth :-p



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