mystically beautiful flatlands

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Day 7: October 27th

The beauty of the flat Texan grasslands was awe Inspiring. A mystical beauty. I stopped the car and stood in the wind watching the clouds gently roll around the huge canvas above. The peace in such a place is invigorating. To be able to walk and live with these skies must make it easier to feel close to a god. It’s the sort of place I close my eyes and think of when I’m seeking peace and sleep after a crowded day in a busy world. Slow down, smell the grass, feel the breeze, see the clouds. I had some unexpectedly wonderful times alone on the road. This photograph captures one of them.

grassland in Texas

mystically beautiful flatlands
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3 bits of lovely banter on “mystically beautiful flatlands”

  1. Eric Hamilton writes:

    When the original settlers came to the planes from the woods of the east, many of them had serious mental problems that were caused by all that openness, the isolation and wind.



  2. wendy writes:

    With my fast car I could ‘get out’ within the day, and my journey was punctuated with civilisation. The settlers must have travelled weeks and weeks through land like this with without knowing what they’d find ahead. They were exceptional people and perhaps slightly bonkers, or extremely desperate, before they even started…



  3. Scarlet writes:

    It’s difficult for me to grasp the vastness of Texas, I doubt there’s anything comparable in the UK… although sometimes when on the moors it’s easy to forget about the bustle of civilisation. And that feels good.



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