7 year itch

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Based on a light weight trend analysis, I suspect I might be moving home this year.

  • 86-93 home in Loughborough (including a year living in Edinburgh with my Mortgage, weekend place, in Loughborough).
  • 93-20 home in Hampshire (Southsea then Warblington).
  • 00-07 home in Seattle (Redmond, I meant to move downtown but somehow never got round to it).
  • 07 -14 home in Reading town (intending to stay here for a while yet, but the trend suggests otherwise).



7 year itch
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3 bits of lovely banter on “7 year itch”

  1. Sarah writes:

    We moved two consecutive Januarys. I still get restless every Jan…trained to be a nomad I think…



  2. James Sutherland writes:

    I seem to have become stuck in a loop lately. I moved in ’86-’87 (from Lincolnshire to Dumfries, with a temporary arrangement in the gap), again in ’94 (to Perth) – and have now spent 20 years here, give or take short breaks (3 years down in England for a degree, some time in Houston). It feels like time to move on again, but having just started a PhD does make that unlikely for the time being!



  3. ExpatEgghead writes:

    It must come to an end at one point. Mustn’t it?



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