at the gate

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iPads in airport by the gateInternational flights invariably mean a couple of hours at the airport. It doesn’t take long to tire of airports, expensive shopping, expensive food, controlled air, controlled people.

Minneapolis airport had a surprise for me at gate G4. Tables with IPads, even outside the bars, everywhere people using their own or the airport’s computers. I slid up to a nearby bar and found the menu.

iPad iPad in airport bar, swipe paymentKid’s under 12? I can eat them? Cool. I found myself a large glass of red wine and paid using the swipe-card slot on the bar. The bar staff talked to me about the system. She liked it, the customers liked it, I liked it. Sounds like an all around win.

iPad in airport bar - menuI’ll go straight to the gate next time I’m at Minneapolis airport. No need to unpack my surface, no need to find a power socket or go through connecting to the airport WiFi. Just use the local iPad which even supplies flight information for the anxious passenger. That wasn’t me, I’m not the anxious passenger. I’m the one who’s snoozing after a large glass of wine….

at the gate
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4 bits of lovely banter on “at the gate”

  1. Eric Hamilton writes:

    Wow you seam to have found a civilized place on Earth.



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    Well damn, this sounds civilised.



  3. Stefan writes:

    Wow. Sounds like Minneapolis could beat my favorite airport terminal (Munich…).
    This has the potential of removing my pre- and in-flight grumpiness (I don’t like flying, to put it mildly…).



  4. wendy writes:

    I’d get a steady stream of red wine, fall asleep and miss my flight, unless it includes a very disturbing last call to board alarm…



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