Spring is here

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General Cemetery - beautiful on a sunny dayI seem to have stopped crying about Dad’s death.

My body’s stopped grieving.

Only 6 months after his passing, is it my Britishness that leaves me feeling a bit guilty? Shouldn’t I be upset for longer, is this ‘improper’. It feels right and doesn’t hurt anyone so it can be right. I miss dad, but that’s not the same as the tired, distractedness of grieving. Sadness happens in everyday life, grieving is different.¬†¬†Maybe now, now the grieving has stopped, saying goodbye makes sense, feels right.

Bye bye dad, miss you, love you.

Spring is here
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Spring is here”

  1. Sarah writes:

    No particular length of time is right or wrong…each in his own time. I’m glad though the tears are less, hope happy memories continue!



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    A huge post Wendy. Hats off to you. Indigo x



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