Joseph will not get you damp

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Would you like me to follow-up with Joseph, waiving my overhead costs, to supply you with a blog post tailored to you and your damp proofing needs? It’s tempting. Entertaining letter with absolutely no evidence that he has any idea about the contents of my blog. I am slacking in publishing despite lots of stories from both the┬áRoute 66 tour and the Turkey escapade

with mumsie.

Joseph the plumber

Joseph will not get you damp
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  1. Eric writes:

    I never realized the strange “offers” to help that blog writers get. I do not have a blog and it is unlikely that I ever will, however could you give some indication of how many of these two types of e-mails that you receive? I don’t really care about the numbers, just a general approximation will be fine. Even better would be an indication of how many are bad, very bad and unbelievably bad they are would be nice. Percentages would be OK.

    Hope that your move goes well and that the new place you end up in works out.



    wendy writes

    Content Pie



  2. wendy writes:

    Joseph isn’t interested, even with a whopping 50% discount (Sampo’s luxury cat scratcher was cut from the fee). At least he read my email and thought about it
    My fees were too much for Joseph

    Unlike Lucy who appears to have handed-off my reply to someone else to assess. Maybe they will follow up with an offer:
    Did Lucy read my fees?



  3. Eric writes:

    Great pie chart! Thanks. It is as bad as I thought it might be.



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