door stop


Door to mazeA crowd of people are about to leave the canteen as I approach for my late lunch.

I heave the heavy fire door open and hold it for the escaping lunchtime throng. Many pass without eye contact, talking chirpily to each other or striding into the heart of the building. A few catch my eye, silently nodding their head or muttering a thank you. Toward the end of the crowd a fellow offers to take the door holding role. I accept.

People not acknowledging my small gesture had enhanced the power of my invisibility cloak and my urge to drop the door and walk into the canteen leaving them to battle the door one by one. This fellow’s xray vision confirmed he too was a superhero.

door stop
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3 bits of lovely banter on “door stop”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    I had that at a conference this week: on my way out of the lecture room, I held the door for my two colleagues behind me … and the people behind them … the key seems to be letting the door close a little further, just enough that people start brushing against it, then releasing it at the right moment so someone else is left holding it as they go through. One of those ‘Very British Problems’ I suppose: you hold the door for one person, then you’re still standing there politely an hour later waiting for the flow of people to stop…



  2. Scarlet writes:

    I suppose this is how people in service feel… little acknowledgement for good service.
    I have mastered the art of walking through the door and holding it open just enough for the person behind to realise they have to take the baton.



  3. wendy writes:

    I talk to people in lifts. I’m normal for America, weird for England. English people do like chatting to strangers on lifts, but they need someone to start it off. I think of myself as a the lighted taper for their fabulousness



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