Offroad parking for 2 cars

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<rant warning>

The Estate agent responsible for selling the Wendy House offered me the opportunity to give feedback on the details they’d produced, before they were published.  I suggested a few changes that raised the profile of a few desirable features.

The agent didn’t confirm receiving my feedback or making any changes. After a couple of weeks I included the following (blue text) in an email to the Agent. The Agent replied in red..

helpful estate agent reply

With a good attitude the Agent would’ve recognised my point about size and suggested a phrase to conveys the double size parking space. On one occasion I’ve had 3 small cars parked there. I’ve suggested “Offload parking for 2 cars”, that saves the lazy estate agent the trouble of measuring my drive.

I’m annoyed by the Agent’s attitude.  Based on this, and other examples of their sloppy attitude and service, I will have no qualms about changing providers at the end of our contract.

<rant probably not finished, just temporarily paused>

Offroad parking for 2 cars
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4 bits of lovely banter on “Offroad parking for 2 cars”

  1. wendy writes:

    As inconsiderate and disorganised as a bramble bush in the bathroom.



  2. James Sutherland writes:

    They can be a pretty dismal bunch it seems. You need to be careful about switching, too: it’s not unheard of for the fired estate agent to come back and demand a hefty fee once the house sells, even if the sale had nothing to do with them!

    To misquote War Games … “a daft system, the only winning move is not to play”… if only that were an option!



  3. scarlet writes:

    Let us wait and see if they find a suitable buyer before drawing the knives… i.e. will they sort the wheat from the chaff….



  4. wendy writes:

    They have 6 viewings sorted for the first week on the market, which feels impressive for a niche market property.



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