you make me wanna SHOUT!

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It’s HOT

People open their windows & doors to catch any breeze that might wander by

It’s HOT

Official warnings of a ‘heat wave’ and health concerns because Britons are not familiar with how to behave safely, healthily in hot weather

It’s HOT

Tempers and temperatures are rising

From my open doors and windows I can hear the family frictions of neighbours in the surrounding streets, beyond my immediate neighbours. When they shout I can hear what they say. Shouts blown in the breeze to me.

Living alone, I have no-one to shout at.

Living alone, I have nothing I want to shout at anyone about. I don’t recall ever shouting at people that I lived with. But it must have happened and I’ve conveniently forgotten it in the peace of my own home. No-one wants to invite shouting into their home, it must just happen somehow.

In the heat Sampo and I lounge around in the shade. She tells me about it, but doesn’t shout.

Windows and doors are closed when the thunder and lightening hit. As if the world is objecting to all the shouting and demonstrating this by shouting right back with a stormy temper beyond that of any mortal. Unlike Sampo, I love the thunder and lightening storms. The sound of rain pounding on the roof and the way they whipe the slate, garden and street clean.


you make me wanna SHOUT!
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3 bits of lovely banter on “you make me wanna SHOUT!”

  1. scarlet writes:

    I like that earthy fresh smell after a storm.
    Meanwhile, in North Devon, our temperatures have been normal for the time of year. A lot of rain yesterday afternoon and only vague grumbling skies… no shouting.



    wendy writes

    I visited Somerset. A lot of posturing by clouds but no heat wave, lightening or thunder. Darn pretty though.



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    YES! I love a storm. We’ve just had one, in fact. Very loud =) Indigo x



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