small things are big things

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Mumsie: Is there anything you want, before you go (to America)

Wendy: it’s difficult to ask because all the things I want are probably thongs that are special to you too

Mumsie: Oh, I’m going to have to get rid of lots of stuff.

Wendy: The black and white Rackham that I bought dad for his birthday?

Mumsie: Oh good! I’ve never liked that, I managed to get him to keep it in his office for a few years but then he moved it into the front room. I was going to ask you if you wanted it

Wendy: the Bullova watch, I remember him wearing it as an everyday watch

Mumsie: Oh yes, that’s probably quite valuable because it was the first of the new modern watches. It doesn’t work and might not be easy to get fixed without damaging it’s value

small things are big things
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2 bits of lovely banter on “small things are big things”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    Now I’m really curious about those “special thongs”… when you say Rackham, I’m guessing you aren’t referring to the French role-playing game?

    Watches tend not to survive contact with me for very long. I found a really nice hard-wearing Casio – there’s a promotional video showing it being tested with a sledgehammer, frozen in a block of ice, dropped to 100m in a diving cage … unfortunately, it’s solar powered, which in Scotland means it never gets enough sun to charge the backup battery! (For a while, I tried sitting it under a desk lamp through the day to charge, but that was too much hassle to do routinely.)



  2. Kay G. writes:

    Don’t bring anything valuable to the USA, it will just get stolen anyway.
    JUST KIDDING! HA! (I hope.)

    Good luck to you!



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