Homely Sunday

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The Sunday newspaper is on the Settee, help yourself. Would you like a mug of tea?

It’s a beautifully brewed tea in a large bone china mug that’s decorated in the style of Charles Rene Macintosh. Mum knows I like his designs and has taken to always giving me this mug, it’s my favourite mug without my having told her. My mug in mum’s kitchen.

Opening the broadsheet in the centre of the sun filled living room floor I read about Oscar Pistoriois‘s trial results,  Samantha Morton’s description of her experience in care homes in the UK, and statistics about Scottish voting tendencies. Radio 2,  concert in Hyde park, Christy Hynde, plays in the background.

Mum brings over a handful of paint colour swatches. She wants my thoughts on what colours to paint the room. Was dad’s room.. We discuss feature coloured walls, wall paper, curtains, styles. She’s pleased that I’ve given her some ideas.

My mug of tea magically refills,  a bottomless mug.

This is the fabulous home that I relocated back to Britain to share, the home I’ll be leaving this autumn. I’ve left many times. This time leaving is coupled with the knowledge that coming back will soon not be possible.

Homely Sunday
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Homely Sunday”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    That closing sentence brought to mind the disappearing passport syndrome we’d both suffered in the past (that “stop losing them, or you’ll have to make your own with crayons next time” letter), though I suspect a more melancholy meaning.

    A lovely scene to imagine, though, particularly that bottomless mug of tea. I wonder if I’ll be able to get a Scottish passport if the vote goes that way, then use that as a backup in case I lose the UK one again before it expires in 2017?



    wendy writes

    I hadn’t even stopped to think about how Scotland would have to start a whole passport publishing and managing process if it goes independent. As a Scottish person abroad have you been entitled to vote? The Chinese man in my office says he doesn’t see why on earth Scotland would want to take on the administrative burden of being independent.



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