con dense sation

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MinneapolisIt takes a few minutes, or more, for a street parked car to warm up when it’s so cold outside that the Mississippi is frozen-over.

On days like these I leave 15 minutes earlier for work. I scrape the ice or snow from the front, side and rear windows. Some cars come with heated wing mirrors, steering wheels and seats.  Not the VW Bug I’ve been given as a rental car.

This evening I drove into a mall parking garage. As I drove into the warm, underground parking my windscreen fogged. Out of habit I turned the in-car warm air blowers to the windscreen. The fogging appeared to increase. In a random effort to clear my view I turned on the windscreen wipers. Voilà! The condensation was on the outside of the cold car windows, not the inside.

A local told me that I should open the windows before I park outside at night to let-out all the damp warm air from within. To make sure the insides of the windows don’t ice-up as well as the outside.

Oh. I’m learning….

con dense sation
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3 bits of lovely banter on “con dense sation”

  1. scarlet blue writes:

    Makes the UK winters look a bit piddly!! And it has been… piddling down.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Wendy!!



  2. wendy writes:

    I wish you were a day trip from Bristol, I’d be down to visit LME a flash. I love Devon at Xmas time…



  3. Scarlet writes:

    You can come and stay any time 🙂 Really floody today, though.



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