Bob the building manager

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Bob the building managers officeBob the building manager is a hero in my world, and it’s only my first day in the Wendy house loft. Bob’s not his real name. We met in the car park of my apartment building. It started with a friendly hello and within the hour I’d discovered many things that make Bob a hero. Bob:

  • Was a fireman for 20 years, in the military for 20 years, working in schools for 20 years. This is his retirement job. He showed me his office, it’s a treasury. He reminded me of the fisher king.
  • Sorts through the waste in the building dumpsters. He pulls out stuff that can be reused, rather than recycled. He cleans it up, fixed it, then takes it to the Salvation Army centre. He proudly showed me two vacuum cleaners that he’d fixed.
  •  Collects the ‘art’ that is thrown out and uses it to decorate the room where all the garbage falls from the chutes on each floor. He calls it his gallery, and it is, cheerful diverse pictures.
  • Carves wood into toys for children, planters, decorative mail boxes. He has a series of aeroplane hanging in his office.
  • Has dozens of grand children, their faces all smile down from around his tool board in his office. He introduced me to each one, and his siblings and parents.
  • Lives in the building with his wife who has a wicked sense of humour.
  • Told me that someone very, very, very senior, in the company I work for, rents an apartment in the building. Told me how much the rent was. I nearly fell over. Clearly a different floor plan to mine, bigger and with downtown views on the top floor.

Garbage disposal chute endBob's carvingsI could have spent the whole day hanging out with Bob, he was great company. I’m glad I decided to live in an apartment instead of a house.

If  can, I’ll spend time helping Bob

Bob the building manager
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Bob the building manager”

  1. James writes:

    Looks like a nice setup, and the polished concrete floors looked good in those photos earlier: I hadn’t heard of polished concrete before. Good choice Wendy, I hope it all works well! The snag, of course, is that then you’ll have to retitle the blog “Wendy Flat”…



  2. wendy writes:

    It’s definitely flat. The locals call it a ‘loft’. I’m going to experience ‘loft living’ in the Wendy loft, a downtown apartment. City living USA style. Sadly, I find such concepts very exciting and they leave me happy for days, years even. Living in a stable in Reading was certainly a great time and something I’m so glad I was able to do. I loved the garden, the secretness, the cuteness. Now for something different and I’m already finding things, and people to love about this place. Fortune has definitely smiled on me for the moment…



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