white out, walked in

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Salt stains on bar floor Another polished concrete floor. This one isn’t in my apartment.

Under the stool in a bar where the floor is probably washed on a daily basis.

This is salt, walked in by customers crossing the car park. Wow! My car is now half white. I wonder what effect this has on the local water table, so much salt spread everywhere…

The carpets at the entranceway at work are thick with the white-out. My Dr. Martens carried the salt across several hundred yards to sit under my desk which looks a mess. My apartment has become a slippers-only place in the winter.


white out, walked in
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2 bits of lovely banter on “white out, walked in”

  1. Scarlet Blue writes:

    Make sure you clean that salt off your DMs, I ruined a pair because I didn’t and it ate through the leather 🙁



  2. wendy writes:

    Oh, goodness, I hadn’t realised quite how evil salt could be…



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