The Holly and the wendy

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Downtown AlleywayI’ve lived in my downtown apartment for 6 weeks.  Today was the first time I got out to enjoy just wandering around, exploring

5hrs exploring. All of it full of treats peculiar to my tastes.

Holly, the lady on the till in the hat section of the 8 storey Macy’s store on Nicolette, was so helpful. 45 minutes helpful.  Our chatting. My listening. Didn’t stop anyone else buying anything! I’d already bought the hat, so this wasn’t a sales tactic. I suspect she’s chatty by nature and more than a tad bored. Downtown is VERY quiet on Saturday at 11am.  she explained that weekends, when all the office workers have left, are always quiet.  Ideal for “don’t like crowds’ me!

Holly was a high school teacher, she taught biology. She didn’t like the students who went on to be Engineers because they were unimaginative and focussed on ‘interesting’ engineering rather than societal value and function. She told me there’s a place near Industrial Blvd (and a cemetery, that I’ve been meaning to visit) that’s called “Honeywell Hill” because it’s where the company ‘Honeywell’ started out. Evidently they have excellent July 4th celebrations there, on the hill, not in the cemetery.

I think I’ll visit Holly again on another Saturday and find out about her dreams.


The Holly and the wendy
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2 bits of lovely banter on “The Holly and the wendy”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! LOVE that photo! Both for the lights and the aerial walkways. Delighted to see there’s no snow on the ground! Indigo x



    wendy writes

    There is snow on the ground today, 4 inches fell on Sunday evening, it was beautiful, thick swirling snow while I was cosy indoors… Indigo, this city os full of things Americans might ‘miss’ because they are SO American… this alleyway reminded me of Starkey and Hitch car chases….



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