Oil copies of Rembrandt portraitsBen BauerAll my key art pieces  are hung.  They’re delivering mood changing and enhancing views from carefully chosen apartment walls.

Phillipo Lippi’s “Madonna” reminds me to wash my hands as I move from the bathroom into my bedroom. She prays for me at night and watches over me sleeping.

A couple of Ben Bauer views of the Minnesota landscape bring calm and countryside from the distance into the main living space.

Rob Piercey’s Snowdonia landscape and boats bobbing in Portmadoc harbour (Cei Ballast) show both peaceful and expansive opportunities for a fresh day. They greet me when I open my eyes each morning.

The 16th century maps in the living space show where I’ve been. They map my history with places.

A couple of (oil copies of) Rembrandt portraits keep an eye on everyone who enters my apartment and guest room. The evening light runs across them highlighting different brush strokes and their eagerness to look into my world.

Still unhung are the 20 Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac prints. I’m waiting to find out where and how they can move the apartment’s “feel” in the best direction. For now, they decorate the bedroom floor and move around the apartment in pairs and triads, testing the local light and mood like lost souls.


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