too froufrou for me

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Sanitary 'bags'Paper bags, Laura Ashley style print, in the women’s ‘restroom’ (UK toilet) cubicles. No bins in the cubicles.

“Serviettes” are removed and placed in these bags. For me it’s a process that leaves me feeling like lady Macbeth. Bloody handed. Not discreet at all. Especially when I have to carry the blood stained paper bag into the public wash area to reach the bin.

Not something I’ve had to do in the UK in the last 7 years living there, in shop toilets, in workplace toilets, in train station toilets, in friends homes. Nowhere.

I’m changing my sanitary protection to use try out a menstrual cup  process I used last time I lived here.  They lasted a whole day, meaning that I could remove and insert them in the comfort of my own bathroom, accompanied by a bath.

With BUBBLES! Hooray!

Not a froufrou rose in sight.

too froufrou for me
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one wonderful muse on “too froufrou for me”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Yes, the froufrou bags (deeply froufrou in fact) are essential. They have flowers on them so they don’t get mistakes for tiny baguette bags, perhaps?



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