Summer cabins

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DSCF5517Vacation allowances in the USA are not as plentiful as in Europe. One weekend a friend leant me her lakeside cabin.

A mini holiday!

The cabins I’d visited in Scandinavia had no running water, no gas, no electricity. We had to stock up on water, candles, and collect firewood when we arrived. Half way between a holiday home and camping, like staying in a shed. A shed in a fabulous location.

Talking to the locals here, many have family cabins, their family will travel from all over the country for gatherings in the cabin. In my friend’s cabin, I stayed alone, watched the sun rise and set.

I listened to the birds and completely failed to be bitten by any tics or have any wildlife encounters. No bears emerging from hibernation, no swarms of mosquitoes… almost like civilization in the wilderness. Wilderness? There was good cell phone reception but my Satnav didn’t want to play, it announced that it wouldn’t give me turn information them did that passive-aggressive ‘silent’ treatment thing.

This Minnesota cabin was luxury. A fully equipped kitchen, light switches, flushing indoor toilet. Best of all, a fabulous lake view, the sound of children laughing in the distance and the timelessly beautiful ambiance.


Summer cabins
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Summer cabins”

  1. Karl writes:

    No mosquitos?!?! The Minnesota on my planet could list the mosquito as the state bird. I still remember putting my left leg out of the car door at a Minnesota state park campsite one evening, and getting 4 gigantic skeeter bites even before I had time to swing my right leg out. Toxic chemicals got us through the rest of the visit reasonably OK.

    Your Minnesota must be nice…



  2. wendy writes:

    I know. Weird, but true. I’ve not been bitten yet, I go out every weekend… but often in towns or by fast flowing rivers. Rooftop bars are a speciality here, I think they’re too high for mosquitos….



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