Root or route?

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Xray of teeth
It took ages, seconds, after the needle slid into my gum before my tear glands decided to shift into production mode. The dentist had agreed that raising my hand was a signal for him to stop. He ignored the tears which rolled inconveniently into my ear canals.

I listened to the whirring, the whinning, and  crunching his machine’s made through my jawbone. Then he warned me that I would hear the ping of the computer measuring the length of my (tooth root ) canal. Yes, beeps. It didn’t distract my tear glands.

Number 3, tooth number 3 in the (probably) international numerical labelling of teeth system has defined my poor relationship with dentists. I’ll not visit this one again. There are plenty more Endodontists in Minneapolis, should I ever need one again.

Tooth number 3 has died. It probably died a long time ago. I felt no pain in it’s passing, no abscess formed, no nasal problems, no pain, no strange taste in my mouth. It died, it continued to do a good job despite some aging, silver, dental repairs from the mid 1980s. But its dead. Any dentist will tell you that this causes all sorts of potential for all sorts of problems. The ultimate solution is a root canal. I’d been told 12 years ago that i needed a root canal on this tooth. But the dentist was so icky that i decided to ignore the tooth and the dentist until it definitely needed doing.  Recently, I changed my mind. I’m still not convinced that root canals are an always needed solution, because if they’re not needed…then they’re simply not noticed…  and a dentist doesn’t get paid.

Meanwhile, I got some unpleasant dental work done because the dental profession agrees that I need a root canal, the silverwork would benefit from being replaced, and I decided that I should have another go at letting dentist demonstrate they have more than medical treatment skills and an aspiration to make money. I’m not convinced.

My Dentist, who referred me to the Endodontist, has a treatment plan with a lot more involved.  Do I trust him in this profit-making machine that is American healthcare? No. What work will I pick, what work will I ignore?

What route will i take?

Root or route?
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