Stubborn (Snowflake #7)

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This snowflake refuses to melt, even when temperatures rise well above freezing. It can normally be found hanging out with it’s homeys on the edge of strip mall car parks.

Stubborn (Snowflake #7)
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Stubborn (Snowflake #7)”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    There’s been severe chaos thanks to snowflakes here recently – I just managed to catch what turned out to be the very last train home for several days. Mostly cleared up again now, but there are carparks looking a lot like that here too at the moment – quite an unusual sight now in the UK!

    Hope you’re keeping warm and comfortable there: I’m guessing MN is rather better equipped for coping with it than we are?



  2. Wendy writes:

    Hello James! Yes, Minneapolis and snow is a very ‘take it in your stride’ environment. You quickly get used to it. When I come home for Christmas the ‘temperate’ nature of the UK still suprises me. here, you have to wear a coat/scarf/hat/gloves in the winter it delays the time before you get frostbite (die). In the UK in December you can walk around in a thick Aran jumper with no coat on. That’s not real winter.



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