playing nicely

If you don’t play nicely your comments will be zapped into obscurity before they reach the light of day.

Playing nicely often involves, but is not restricted to:

  • Reading the scribbles, sometimes clicking on the links to further information, and thinking about their contents.
  • Saying thoughtful, informative, witty or friendly things about what you’ve read.
  • Being respectful of other commenters and their perspectives – unless they violate any of the 7 rules below.

Your banter is vetted by the Wendy House Jury*.   The jury insist on reading all first-time commenters and those containing more than one hyperlink.  They have editorial control.  They protect the loveliest of readers from that which is deemed terminally icky.


The Jury will mercilessly oblivionate, or slightly edit, musings that:

  1. include links to sell products or services other than hats or tea.
  2. are misogynistic or exude hate for Wendy House worthy idols.
  3. are ignorant, witless, illegal, misleading, condescending,  irritatingly pednatic or irrelevant to Wendy House contents.
  4. promote the patriarchy with expressions of femininity within the comment or any linked websites
  5. are predictable proof reading edit recommendations
  6. look like bickering
  7. publish anti-spam words

* The Wendy House Jury consists of Wendy, Matrix, Sampo, guest appearances by star specialist regular readers and the occasional unsuspecting randomly selected stranger.


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playing nicely
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