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askewed aspirations

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

Because you

  • can – Youths loot themselves £100’s worth of shoes and phones during riots
  • are selfish – Bankers take £10,000’s  bonuses from public funding because size really does matter
  • are worth it – Women pay £10’s for  products to make themselves more visually pleasing
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askewed aspirations
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weekly, on sunday afternoon

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 | tags: , , , , ,  |

In 2004, when I first started blogging, the people I followed (Jenn, Lacroix, Raymond, Jen) posted* between 1 and 3 times a day. Over the years, I’ve seen novice bloggers start with the enthusiasm of daily posting then watched that proliferation fade with one or more of these symptoms:

  • not posting every day, sporadically missing a days
  • posting every other day
  • posting a couple of times a week
  • taking a break from posting for a while – a week, 2 weeks, a month, a season….
  • posting once a week on a pre-arranged day – Darlings I’ll post on Sunday…
  • deleting or ‘hiding’ the blog
  • dropping one blog and moving onto another or rebranding the blog with a new name and theme
  • stop posting altogether

Green post boxRaymond is the only blogger that I followed in 2004 who persistently, reliably, posts once a day. Most bloggers seemed to stop posting within 3 or 4 years of starting.  Sunday afternoon posting won’t be a reality for me while I keep recieving encouraging personal emails

* Posting is not a euphemism for any other activity. No, definitiely not, I can’t protest enough that this post should be read at face value without drawing analogies between posting and any other activities
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weekly, on sunday afternoon
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cheese and ham sandwich

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

dreamy cheese is backNEWS!

From our eyewitness reporter, on the spot of a persian carpet in the wendy house

We can reveal that there was no – NO – bread participating in this sandwich event

Two large slabs of creamy Havarti were caught sandwiching a chaotic roll of honey roast ham

“Yummy” and munching ensued

Be careful out there, cheese sandwiching can be contageous

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cheese and ham sandwich
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finite words allotted per lifetime

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

I’m rationing myself to scribbling one blog post every-other day in the hope that –

  • I wont run out of words, before I die
  • I’ll get a life, before I die

So far I can’t tell if it’s working or not. I might have to take emergency precautions, like Nurofen, or maybe I tried that already…

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finite words allotted per lifetime
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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

Someone said ennui in a real conversation

  • as-if it might be a real word
  • as-if I might know what it means!

what a tease!

It sounded like “ahn-wee, setting-off my sensitively calibrated toilet-word-radar alarm. Wee?!

Sandwiches, Scones, Clotted cream and cakesGiggling ensued, then I checked the spelling and looked up the meaning

This was not a tease. This was a real word and the utterer had used it in a sentence that made total sense

A celebratory tea party is in order

Bring on the cakes!

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I grew some ratatouille!

Sunday, August 28th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

I can’t decide whether I first rescued this courgette from:

  • a potential slug attack, or
  • early onset obescity

CourgetteI slipped a seed into the sod last April. This chunky hunk has been brewing ever since

Now, don’t you think it’s a very pleasing size, shape, and colour? It’s also quite firm and smells very like ‘vegetable’, not at all like ‘book’

Ratatouille here we come!

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I grew some ratatouille!
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gentle hum

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

Dungeness Nuclear Power StationsMechanical hums provide an unimposing soundtrack to my everyday life. Harmonics from the car’s engine, washing machine,  water circulating through the radiators, and computer’s fan. While I was looking elsewhere, these familiar hums became comforting.

The Dungeness power stations’ humm travels inland with the morning sea breeze.

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gentle hum
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the Guls complained

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

Dungeness walk to the SpitWheelchairs can cross the shingle on their way to the Dungeness Spit. The pathway is a winding work of art. Visiting the spit is a popular tourist passtime, in the UK and the USA

Guls cheerfully call pilgrims to this pathway, bongo footfalls add some rythm to their calls,  tempting me towards to the spit.  Everybody Conga!  The pilgrims danced themselves smaller as I turned toward the sleepy hum of the power stations.

High winds swept the Guls complaints away

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the Guls complained
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replacing the ink cartridge

Monday, January 10th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

changing the ink cartridgereplacing the ink cartridge in a fountain pen, not a dot-matrix or jet printer

Do you remember the experience of your pen sporadically supplying ink, tapping the nib on a spare piece of paper to make sure the ink is all at the bottom of the cartridge? That time when you still have ink, but the inconsistent flow makes your writing messy. Unscrewing my pen confirmed that the cartridge was near-as-damn-it empty

The 5 page letter below is to a friend who rarely uses the computer, email, her mobile phone and she definitely doesn’t have a facebook account. Rebel!

Letter writing involved

  • a traditional format – senders address on the top right hand side above the date
  • a traditional opening phrase ‘Dear (name),’
  • the first spelling challenge in the 3rd sentence
  • hastily omited letters retrospectively inserted into words (squishing, writing a letter above the word and placing an arrow below it)
  • smudges,I’m not sure how, they just arrived
  • crossing-out letters that had over-enthusiastically added to words where they did not belong. I round the letter ‘r’ was the biggest offender, wishing to be in every word it can be. Liquid paper (Tippex) might head-off these rogue arse in future letters
  • hand-ache by the 2nd page
  • writing on only one side of the page
  • use of blotting-paper
  • an illustrative sketch per page
  • Regular tea breaks helped prevent my pulling a muscle
  • a pleasing end result that fitted in the envelope and awaits carrying to a letter-box

5 page letterI made the squiggly white lines using ‘Paint‘ to obscure the personal contents.

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replacing the ink cartridge
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inundated with water

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

BBC radio 4 reported that many houses were inundated with water in the Queensland floods. The reporter went on to explain that the water contained snakes and crocodiles, but that the local residents were taking this in their stride. The image of Australians pragmatically striding through crocodile infested water was an entertaining image of a devastating event.

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inundated with water
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